FIT Ready: Finally It's Friday

If you’re the type who looks forward to Friday as the prelim to a fab weekend in store, aka Chief''s playoff, you may be missing out on a key element of productivity. I know, you’ve worked hard all week and are ready to hit the door, but take five to plot out your Monday morning strategy.

FIT tip #1: This simple step sets you up for success, increases your productivity, and allows you to leave the work week with no misgivings. Here are four things to consider:

1. Make a list of this week’s unfinished business, people you need to contact, follow up’s awaiting your attention.

2. Think of one thing you dread but need to do next week. Make it a Monday morning priority and chalk it off the list of things to do.

3. Look at your week and prioritize tasks, deciding which are Monday morning items and which can be slotted into other days.

4. What is one thing that will enhance your career, grow your business, or earn you money? Write it down for Monday morning consideration. It may be an ongoing task, and that’s alright. Looking at it on Monday ensures its attention in a timely way.

Coach Rhett Power offers several tips and this is one of them. He interviewed successful people who used the weekend as a prelude to Monday morning as one part of their success strategy. I think that when greats say it, we should all sit up and listen! I like doing it on Friday because I’m already in that frame of mind, and the week’s unfinished business lies heavy on my brain. Writing down on Friday gives me some breathing room for the weekend.

Let’s be ready for success to come knocking on our door by being ready for Monday. To review: how? Jotting down a short to do list for Monday morning is akin to steering past the iceberg by seeing the tip of the most important in your path. My FIT tip of the week? Make Friday a precursor to Monday success. Look forward to upcoming FIT tips. I welcome your comments and dialogue.


Created September 2018, Saralee Rhoads