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After living out in the country for forty years, not that far removed from the proverbial 40 years in the wilderness, the experience of living in town wafts in like fresh spring breezes. Before, my only community was my church and my neighborhood, but now I find myself part of a city, and I enjoy actually being part of the Chamber.

My first impressions of the Chamber of Commerce: a sea of people representing businesses from every facet of the community, professionals who take time for the welfare of others, potential friends. Many of the attendees sat with friends and colleagues, so I was just a bit of a country mouse, but I thoroughly enjoyed meeting a few people and listening to discussions.

How do you make the most of the experience?

😉If you own a business or work in a business or love the idea of a business, join. You may be a simple woman writing in her jammies (like me) or you may be part of a small office of five. That really doesn't matter. The Chamber is for everyone.

😉Go to meetings. Our Blue Springs Chamber hosts many activities each month. If you can't make a luncheon, go to a happy hour after work. Attend a breakfast. Send a proxy. Let me be clear. You will get out of your membership what you put into it, so don't join and then become a recluse!

😉Initiate conversations. I'm shy by nature, but I love to know what people are doing. I promise, you won't be a character in my next book, but human nature is the fodder of my craft, so I'm learning to be more than a lurker. It's not that hard. Just be interested in the person next to you.Find a way to be useful. Your community is a reflection of the people who reach out, express warmth and help others. A rich fabric of connection weaves a community together to give it a hometown feeling. Be a part of that process.

The local Chamber is networking at its best and most basic level. You will find no other gathering with as much business experience, friendly sharing of information, and encouragement than this. If you live near Blue Springs, message me. Come with me to an event and let me introduce you to others. Let me be your friend and champion! It's what the Chamber is all about.

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Created September 2018, Saralee Rhoads