Live In a State of Joyous Expectation

Your Christine learns from you. She models your moods and your attitudes. When you create a life of joyous expectation, she learns to praise her God as naturally as breathing. I kn wow. The magic of Christmas is over and we're settling into a snow forecast and the doldrums of winter...but you can change that!

Here are some ideas for creating joy out of nothing...

1. We have free reading after lunch...and then we do something fun as a family.

2. Wrap a package of chocolate chips and hide them for a fun treasure hunt and baking session.

3. Memorize scripture...Psalm 33: 1-4.

4. Start a 2019 prayer journal, putting a star on each answered prayer.

5. Institute 10 minutes after supper to share a family story or testimony from days gone past.


Created September 2018, Saralee Rhoads