Reading For Character

A godly character is one worth emulating...and I strive to present the most human yet edifying examples for your sons and daughters. As Christine grows up she encounters conflicting emotions and finds love. Of course we want this for our children, but we want them to have a realistic view of what that looks like, don't we? Not a version dished up by Hollywood.

A new development this time will be the introduction of an exciting illustrator. Susannah Cunningham is designing pictures for an illustrated edition. We hope to have prints available for individual purchase soon. I am honored to have her join the Christine family. The map inside Book 3 needs to be enlarged, and I'm waiting on my techie son to help me with that...but look at it below...isn't it amazing?

When you support independent authors and illustrators, you help define the market of books available. For myself and other Indie publishers, that's huge. Without your support, I'd have quit by now. Instead, each time one of you expresses delight, begs for the next segment of Christine's story, or compliments the books, I am quickened. I write more.

So ultimately, YOU decide what's available for your children to read. Not just by screening titles, which we all do, but by encouraging indie publishers outside the accepted norm. And we thank you!


Created September 2018, Saralee Rhoads