The Princess and Her Friends

This story only exists because of friends. My son, Aaron, made himself available day and night as technical questions arose. Daughters of the heart encouraged me to write and share the manuscript. My husband patiently listened to readings and wanted me to succeed from the bottom of his heart. Girlfriends prayed for me and were excited for me. In short, Christine's adventures only exist because of my friends, who helped her come to life.

I wrote this because I saw a lack in the marketplace. I home school a little red-headed princess of my own, and I have trouble finding her scripture study material she enjoys. I don't want to force feed the Word. I want to engage a little heart to love being immersed in the Word...such a difference! As a matter of fact, five little princesses grace our home on a regular basis. It is my sincere prayer that princesses everywhere will be touched by this tale, and see elements of Christine in their own lives.


Created September 2018, Saralee Rhoads