Where's Christine?

Spring found us uprooting our home of 40+ years with a move to town. Renovations, cleaning, improving the property...all those pesky details of life pushed Christine into the background of my mind. Summer found me staffing at five camps where our grandchildren attended, and again, Christine stomped her foot but obediently receded into the back of my mind.

But as August signals school supplies and children heading back to routine, I find myself looking for my young friend, wondering what new adventures await her. Never fear...book four is outlined and ready to unfold on the page.

I am also on chapter 15 of a new hero series...which hero from the trilogy do you suppose is being featured? It surprised me as well, lol. Nevertheless, I have three grandsons who eagerly await this series, so Christine needed to branch out and share the limelight.

If you consider yourself a Christine lover, you'll be interested in the upcoming MCPL local author fair. I consider my inclusion doubtful, but I encourage you to support this event, scheduled for November 23rd. Breaking into the world of print is no easy feat, and I applaud all who take pen to hand and challenge the indifferent world of big book publishers. If you like to write as well, the entry to the book fair is open from August 1-15...so don't delay! Put your toe in the water and see what happens! Christine will be rooting for you.

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Created September 2018, Saralee Rhoads