Win Your Own Super Bowl

Are you sick of all the Chiefs Kingdom talk? You shouldn't be, because they are as small and hometown as you can get in the NFL, and the lessons they suggest apply to all small hometown businesses.Take their success and apply it directly to your business.

Believe in yourself. Planted deep in the fertile soil of your business are the seeds of your success. Your business plan drives your vision forward. Through thick and thin, especially when you're down by 10 in the fourth quarter, go back to your vision and let it drive you forward.

Trust your team. You aren't in this alone. The block who gets next to no attention or adulation creates the path for the running back to score. Those six points takes both of them giving 100%. If your team isn't up to the challenge, reassign, recruit, or re-educate. The quarterback can't win the Super Bowl without a team, and you need a team you can trust with your success.

Do the hard stuff. Pat Mahomes began training for this win 365 days beforehand. Okay, he trained for years, but he decided to go to this Super Bowl the day after the last one. He called his trainer and doubled up. You can level up as well. Learn more. Offer more. Put your business on the weightlifting program that applies and go for it!

It's time to rally, people. Take your goals to the next level. Make your dream for success a reality you can share on an upcoming TED talk. You are in your own Super Bowl and the game isn't over yet! Believe in yourself. Others are counting on you.


Created September 2018, Saralee Rhoads