Words: They Define You and Clone You

Credibility. What is it? It's that trust you inspire in others, and it's something you can cultivate. That's right. YOU control some things, and one of them is the confidence you project in your business.

One of the fastest ways to grow your credibility score is by letting your words define you, while your actions prove you. That makes a weekly blog your new best friend. Of course, I work in my jammies at times, so you know I'm not out there meeting 200 new people each week. But here's the thing: tied to your business, you may not be enlarging your sphere of influence, either. That's where a blog comes in so handy. It allows you to meet new people by being in two places at once. Chat with others any time of the day or night. A weekly blog is the best way to clone yourself and double your influence.

You're not a writer, you say? That's where I come in. As a ghost.writer, I write for you and as you, ceding all intellectual ownership to you. Outsourcing a weekly blog is good business sense. As a writer, words spill out of me much faster than for others. It makes a good return for your investment. Put a Wonder Woman in charge of your words and then go back to business as usual. Smart move!

A blog sets the stage for publishing a book. Your words each week become chapters, and whoa! Did I just mention authoring a book? What a great way to greet potential clients. Handing a person a business card that reads, "John Smith, author of My Specialty is You" wows them every time. "You wrote a book? Wow!" Yup. Instant credibility. Your words on steroids. See the value of a blog?

I believe words matter. Words define you and build your credibility. Words enlarge your sphere of influence. Words live on when you say goodbye and the meeting is over. Do I believe in what I do? You bet! I welcome chatting with you, friend. Drop your comments below.


Created September 2018, Saralee Rhoads