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Kindle: $5.99

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Personal sale: $6.50

Kindle: $5.50

POD: $6.50

Personal sale: $6.50

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His Majesty's Ranger


Readers Speak 

Faith-based character training works!

Your book is so good.  Ready for the next part.  When will that be done?  I really like the questions at the end of each chapter.  I think that will be great for the girls who read this.  We have been looking forward to this for awhile and it was worth the wait!


This book is a positive and encouraging story for tween girls as they find their place in this world. There are lots of big words that will encourage moms and daughters to read this devotional style book together to gain a deeper understanding of the story.  The thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter help girls truly understand the intended lessons of each chapter.  If you have adopted children, you may want to pre-read chapter 5 to make sure you’re comfortable with it and are prepared to answer questions that may be brought to the surface. Overall, it is a well written story that will encourage tweens to make good choices in their walk with our Lord Jesus.


When reading The Common Princess to my daughters, we were all captivated by the beautiful writing.  The magical feel of the faraway land, the princess' desire to do good, and the love of a King for his daughter spoke to our hearts and drew us in as we read  The is a top notch, must read story.



Welcome to saraleerhoads, home of The Common Princess, character training through faith-based fantasy.  As a grandmother of five little girls, I wanted to provide something I couldn't find anywhere else...a compelling tale with scripture study interspersed.  My goal is to draw little hearts to God.  


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Where can you find faith-based fantasy that builds character?

September 14-15

Book Fair Fort Worth Texas


October 12

Book Fair Minneapolis

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